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About Airofiller

Airofiller Equipment Solutions is part of the Airopack organization. We offer a full range of production filling equipment to our customers. And there’s no time for downtime, Airofiller can be installed, implemented and up and running in just 8 weeks.

Airofiller equipment

Airofiller offers in-house production, a team of experienced engineers and complete assembly, we can provide turnkey or customized solutions for both new and existing aerosol production lines.  Crimping and Pressurising Units can be added to existing lines or as a stand-alone solution together with Filling.  Both options are available with (de)palatizing, Labelling, Check Weighing and Date Coding.

The machines are extremely energy efficient, require minimal floorspace and FTE offering exceptional cost of ownership.  We already work with some of the world’s leading brands so you can be assured of the highest standards of after service and support – 24/7.

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