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Global technical assistance!


We keep a big and long (service) commitment with our customers and we offer them efficient and global technical assistance during machines installation and commissioning; also for troubleshooting and machine upgrades for our long life machines.

We strive to keep the highest standard of support for our customers, and our highly skilled and qualified service engineers have proven experience in servicing Airofiller machines worldwide, working together with the customer to meet their manufacturing goals. Additionally, the fact we have local service engineers in different countries allow our technical services to be closer to our customers.


Training programs

Airofiller can offer specific training programs for our customer’s personnel. Also, since periodic training for new operators and maintenance technicians may be required, our engineer will come to your facility and give the training using the opportunity to improve the efficiency of the Airofiller machines


Optimize working cycles

Airofiller can also offer immediate assistance diagnosing through remote internet access with our eWon modem, which enable on-line parameters visualization and program modifications to optimize working cycles.


Service around the globe

Airofiller has access to technicians and staff around the globe. This way, your service needs and fast response are securred.


Around the Globe_Airofiller_Scholle IPN-worldwide