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Airofill FCPC-6

Airofill FCPC-6_render_2_Airofiller

The AiroFill FCPC-6 consists of several standard processing modules as well as two optional processing modules which can be installed during fabrication or afterwards. During operation, modules can also be disabled if required for a certain type of product.

Once the RTF’s are fed into the system they will be placed into pucks for transporting the RTF’s through the system. When the RTF’s exit the system, they will be removed from the pucks, these pucks will automatically be returned to the infeed for re-use.

  • Infeed of Airopack RTF’s, optionally via an infeed conveyer, a tray infeed table or both
    – Filled: By means of an infeed conveyer
    – Unfilled: By means of a tray infeed table (manual unloading of pallets)
  • Dosing product into the RTF (optionally)
  • Valve assembly (consisting of automatic valve infeed, crimping and crimp verification)
  • Pressurizing (incl. plug check verification)
  • Cap assembly (optionally; consisting of automatic cap infeed, assembly and verification)
  • Outfeed of processed RTF’s

Excellent for:  Stand-alone filling, crimping pressurizing and capping line
Size ranges:  38mm & 53mm RTF
Markets Aseptic: 60 ppm – 80 ppm

Stand-Alone complete Filling, Crimping, Pressurizing  & Capping line

Footprint Airofill FCPC-6

Height: 2200 mm
Width: 5 meter (excluding feeder units)
Length: 20 mm  (including conveyor belts)

Airofill FCPC-6 Equipment