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Airofill CP-2

Airofill CP-2 Airoseal 20_40

The Airofill CP-2 system comprises of a rotary index table with several modules to crimp a valve on the RTF and pressurize it according Airopack’s requirements. Optionally the system can be extended with a capping module for cap (actuator) assembly. Each step will be verified to ensure safe operation of the system as well as to maintain our high-quality standards.

The system is suitable to connect to the existing infrastructure, operating as a stand-alone unit. The following modules are an integral part of the system:

  • Infeed of filled RTF’s
  • Crimping Module
  • Crimp Check Module
  • Pressurizing Module
  • Plug Check Module Capping Module (optional)
  • Reject station
  • Outfeed of processed RTF’s

Increase capacity
The system is designed for a capacity of 20 RTF’s a minute, based on a single crimping module and single pressurizing module. Optionally an extra unit of each module can be installed within the same layout, doubling the output capacity of the system to 40 RTF’s a minute.

Excellent for:  Integration in existing Filling lines
Size ranges:  38mm & 53mm RTF
Output: 20 ppm ( 1 head) – 40 ppm (2 head)

Crimping & Pressurizing module easy integration in existing filling lines

Footprint Airofill CP-2

Height: 2077 mm
Width: 1240 mm (excluding feeder units)
Length: 4800 mm  (including conveyor belts)
Weight: 30 kg
Required pneumatic air supply: > 9 bar, class 2:4:1 (acc. to ISO 8573-1)