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Airofill LPU-1 & LCU-1

Airofill LPU-1 & LCU-1 laboratory units

These laboratory units are mainly used for the small scale testing of RTF’s.  To ensure compatibility with a new type of product and for small run production tests.  The units have a small footprint so they can easily be used in a testing or quality laboratory.

One unit is suitable for crimping a valve onto the RTF and the other unit to pressurize it according Airopack’s requirements. Kindly note that to pressure an RTF a pressure of at least 9 bar should be available, furthermore it is advised to have a 10-liter buffer in the pneumatic air supply to ensure pressure stability during pressurizing.

The units are equipped with a two-hand safety mechanism, guaranteeing safe operation of the units. Adapters are provided for the 38mm and the 53mm RTF, in addition the system is adjustable in height making it possible to handle all available RTF variants.

The units are provided with CE marking and makes no use of electrical components, making it suitable for world-wide installation.

Excellent for:  Laboratory or sample production runs
Size ranges:  38mm & 53mm RTF
Markets Aseptic: 5-8 ppm

Full pneumatic Laboratory Equipment for quick start with Airopack

Footprint Airofill LPU-1 & LCU-1

Height: 820 mm
Width: 500 mm
Depth: 350 mm
Weight: 30 kg
Required pneumatic air supply: > 9 bar, class 2:4:1 (acc. to ISO 8573-1)